Snowy aftermath

Yesterday’s snow turned out to be rather a lot of snow, but I went out every couple of hours to shovel so it wasn’t as horrific as it could have been. Thankfully the snow finished by supper so I was able to call it done and not worry about getting another few inches dumped overnight, although the plough did a lovely number on the end of my drive-way. Cue more shovelling this morning, but it only took 20 minutes rather than 2 hours so I wasn’t very late for work.

I made a discovery yesterday evening after the last shovelling session: my Jacuzzi (sp?) works! The house has one, but I’ve never been brave enough to try it out before. However my back was killing me so it seemed like a good idea and it actually works. Bliss. Obviously my back hates me again for shovelling this morning, but at least I was able to sleep last night 🙂

Today I have some soup and big chunks of bread for lunch and I love the fact that we have microwaves in our lunchroom. That’s going to be a nice treat for lunch. I foresee the purchase of a soup book in my future. Yum.

Then I’ve got some work to do for the Quaker website tonight and, if there is time, I’ll get an update done on my own website. It’s been a couple of months, after all.

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