New BSG, where is House?

The Yarn Harlot pointed out this morning that the new BSG episodes start on Friday – yay! Did a quick check and they’re airing here at 10pm, so I know what I’ll be doing on Friday nights for a few weeks 🙂 Good thing I’ve largely swapped my supper with aunt night to a Saturday, huh?

I have suspicions about the last Cylon, but most of them are either too obvious or too daft. I’m both excited to find out and terrified in case it’s someone I adore.

Disappointingly, I’ve lost House. Last week House and Fringe were in repeats and this week they are nowhere in the schedules. WTF?

Anyone know anything about this? Or am I crazy? I mean, I’ll probably tape NCIS because I adore it and it always seems to clash with things and I’d like to give The Mentalist a chance, but I want my House fix! This is most displeasing.

In other news, we have another winter storm warning. Snow followed by rain, all starting this evening, so I’ve got no idea what the driveway and roads will be like tomorrow. I’m right on the coast so at the moment the forecast for my area shows only 1cm of snow, unlike the 10-15cm predicted for the province on the radio. Hmm. I have no idea which to believe. Normally this would be fine, I’d be prepared for working from home tomorrow, except that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow lunchtime that I cannot miss because I’m running out of meds. Eep.

I guess that I’ll just have to see how things go when I get up tomorrow. I’m praying that we get minimal snow and lots of rain so that the roads are fairly clear and I don’t have to shovel. I’m gonna be out of luck, aren’t I?

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