Ah, how I love doctors

Dear Doctor M,

I’m sure you’re a lovely person, really, and I can tell that you are probably a competant doctor. However, we need to talk about your records and filing.

You see, I gave you all the paperwork from my previous doctor which included my medication list complete with quantities. You even said that you’d log the stuff, don’t worry it’s here, I’ll check on what the nearest Canadian equivalent is, and that was a really helpful thing to provide.

Why, then, did it take me five minutes to explain what I was on when I wanted a refill today? You had your computer in front of you. And why do you not have any idea of what is in the Pill I take, when I gave you the paperwork with that information on in November?

In fact, it was easier to get a script for celebrex out of you than get the Pill. I’ll try to call and give you the ingredients list from the packet when I get home so that you can write a script for me to pick up tomorrow, but I know that you don’t answer the phone after 4.45pm so it might be pointless. Still, I’ll play along and tomorrow I’ll get irritated if I can’t get this sorted out.

No love,

Apparently I also have bacteria in my urine, but I’m asymptomatic so she just wants to keep an eye on it. I’m trying to work out whether this decision is a good thing or not, but as I disagree with the overprescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics I’m happy to go with it..

And I’ve just realised that she forgot to give me the requisition for another test in a month, which she said that she would. Grrr. Hopefully I can pick that up with my script tomorrow.

Just to make it all much happier, she also did not tick the box to allow me refills on the celebrex so I’ll have to go back and repeat all of this in three months anyway. There is a reason that I hate seeing doctors.

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