Two sock weather

It is Cold today. -14C with a windchill taking it to -25, a predicted high of -11C with the windchill keeping it at…-25. I have so many layers on. I even put on two pairs of socks to protect my tootsies. The second pair is now sitting in my desk drawer, ready to be put on when I go out at lunch.

Tomorrow is going to be even better – high of -16C with a windchill taking it down to -33. I’ve never experienced weather that cold! I’m thinking that it will be a handknit woolly sock day with lots of layers.

I was also a very bad girl, environmentally. My aunt called last night and during the conversation she suggested going out a few minutes early this morning, turning on the car with the heaters at full-blast and then locking the car up and going back into the house for a few minutes. Which is what I did. Even with ten minutes of full-blast heating, the car was just about comfortable with my thick coat, hat, gloves, scarf and winter boots. I dread to think what it would have been like otherwise. When I get that cold, I shiver so hard that every muscle aches and that is not good in a girl who likes to randomly dislocate ribs with no provocation at all.


Today I need to get my doctor to write that script, pick it up and get it to the pharmacy. So I’m thinking of doing that at lunch and popping into Burger King while I wait for the pharmacist to do his magic with the script. I know, bad me eating burgers. But I’ve been so good these last months! I’m allowed the odd burger *pouts* Also I need to get some eye drops at the pharmacy because my eyes have suddenly decided not to produce tears properly. Ouch. Yesterday morning my eyelid was stuck to my eyeball. Very painful to get that eye open, although the pain did then trigger some actual tears for quite a long time. So, yes, drops. It’s time.

And now that I have rambled and burbled enough, I must get some work done. I hear other people in the office and I need someone to help me work out why half my software has decided not to work this morning.

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