That river in Egypt

The lurking headache is not turning into a migraine, no matter what nausea I have. Nu-uh. Because I have new episodes of BSG to watch tonight! An entire evening of BSG mania on Space!

So far my plan is:

1. Vacuum the house when I get in, so I don’t have to do it tomorrow.
2. Have long, luxurious soak in jacuzzi.
3. Eat yummy supper, probably zesty beef stew with some veg.
4. Make popcorn.
5. Watch BSG.

2 and 3 are easily swapable, depending on how I feel after vacuuming. It’s a good plan, I feel.

In other news, my office building is bloody freezing. Insane. 19C according to the thermostat, but even the people who usually run hot confirm that it is nowhere near there. I am currently stuck in testing hell because I have crap test data and no way to refresh with better test data until Monday, possibly.


I shall drink herbal tea and pretend that my headache is not there, because I am not missing BSG night. No siree.

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