Buttered eggs – help needed

I’ve been dipping into the Girls Own mailing list a bit lately and someone mentioned buttered eggs. It’s something that’s also mentioned in the Box of Delights: “Time and tide and buttered eggs wait for no man”.

As an aside, I love that book and the BBC adaptation. They’re perfect pre-Christmas reading or watching, although the BBC adaptation is much easier to understand (because it has a comprehensible storyline rather than wandering along on whatever fancy John Masefield took at that moment) and doesn’t rely on familiarity with The Midnight Folk. If you like children’s adventures set in the ’30s with a sprinkling of magic and odd goings on, hunt this down on Amazon although I think that it is only available on region 2 at the moment.

Anyway, the point is…

Does anyone on my f-list know what buttered eggs are and how one would make them? I’ve been intrigued for years and now that I’m getting back into my cooking and baking, I’d love to know what they are and whether it is possible to make them.

I am currently debating what to bake at the weekend. Chocolate brownie cupcakes? Double chocolate chip cookies?

Do I see whether I can hunt down a recipe for sticky buns in my trusty Be-Ro book?

Do I tackle scones, knowing that I’ll then need some cream and jam so they won’t be an elevensies treat at work?

Do I venture into experimenting with choux pastry, or shall I save that for a holiday treat?

And then there is the debate of what to cook on Saturday for my aunt. I’ve got loads of stuff in the freezer now so I don’t need to do any big batches in the slow-cooker (officially my favourite kitchen appliance ever). Time to peruse my recipe books, methinks.

You know what I’d really love? A proper, decent fan oven. My (non-fan) oven is terrible beyond belief and useless for baking. It cooks from the bottom up so everything gets scorched on the bottom while remaining anemic on top. I resorted to cooking stuff in tiny batches in my toaster oven this weekend, which isn’t exactly ideal! But Mum does not want to re-do the kitchen this summer and we intend to put in a wall-mounted fan oven when she does the remodel because everyone who cooks regularly in my house has trouble bending to get things out of ovens. So it’s pointless to spend money on a good stove when we we’ll be eliminating the need for it next summer.

Wow, and that was a domestic-y post. When I did I start doing domestic?

Although I really would love to learn embroidery at the Royal College of Sewing in England…

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