I aten’t dead

Last night I went out for Greek food with the knitters, which was fabulous fun with delicious food. Yay. At some stage in my life, I won’t be knitting blanket patches while I’m there. That will be awesome indeed.

Today my body dislikes me intensely, but I’m saying ‘neener neener’ to it and going out again for dinner and then watching Inkheart. I am both excited and nervous about this movie because the book was great and sometimes people do brilliant things with books (Lord of the Rings) and other times they bear no resemblance to the books, and not in a good way (Dark is Rising). So, yes. Move. High hopes, probably being dashed, although Andy Serkis, Helen Mirren and Paul Bettany are all in it so it won’t fail due to acting talent at least.

Today is move day at my office. The boss will apparently be buying us pizza for lunch. Yay? I’ve not really been here long enough to have accumulated vast amounts of stuff so it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to shove my things into my crate. I’m figuring that I’ll take some time late morning to attend to that and make sure that I can dart out of here bang on 4.15pm today. I need to get to the house, feed the cats and be back at the cinema (just down the road from my office) in an hour and a half. Eeep.

Tomorrow my plan is to be completely lazy, sleep late and only do as much as I want to rather than running around like a crazy chicken because I am frankly shattered. This plan may be scuppered if I need to go to the store (I’m planning to do it on the way home from the cinema right now) but that is my plan right now. It’s possible that I may venture out to the library. Or not. I’ll see how I feel when I get up tomorrow.

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