Office move and other babbles

Will wonders never cease? My office move was actually fairly successful – for me. I’m hearing cries of “can’t get into any servers!” around me so obviously I was lucky. My boss insisted that it would be a smooth move, no problems at all, and for me it’s true. I appear to be almost the only one! Crates aren’t where they should be, white boards are missing, computers haven’t been set up correctly, cupboards aren’t accessible because crates have been piled in front of them…

At least there are enough people here to keep the motion-sensitive lights working now 🙂 Sadly, the heating is working as well as it did in my old place so I’m huddled in a thick fleece jacket still. Never mind, it could be worse. It could have been a move with my old employer.

The weekend was pretty quiet, due to a combination of exhaustion (me) and sickness (my aunt). I did do some cooking, but no baking because I was feeling lazy. Saturday I cooked tuna parcels, which were delicious and one followed me to work for my lunch today 🙂 Leftovers are great things. Yesterday I dug through my recipe books and discovered some magazines that I collected as a teenager, all hopefully titled ‘Easy’ something and never proving to be that easy. My Easy Chinese magazine had a recipe in that sounded rather good and promised to rid me of an orange that my parents helpfully left for me – lemon and orange beef.

I wasn’t too sure about it while I was cooking it, but the taste is amazing. Wow. The only slight issue is the quantity: it promised to serve 4, but only if those four are eating at least one (probably two) other dishes plus a ton of rice. It’s definitely not enough for a full meal for 4 unless you fill up hugely on rice. Oops. I was good and didn’t eat the lot. I’d planned to reheat the rest and put it with some rice when my aunt comes over tomorrow, but right now I’m thinking that I’ll need a second dish to go with this to get a proper feed. I need to have a chat with my aunt tonight: the magazine also has a recipe for broccoli in hoisin sauce that sounds fantastic but I need to check with her as to how much and what kinds of veg she can eat. Otherwise I might need to rethink my menu plan. Hmm.

What I really need to do is plan a quiet weekend and actually do some writing rather than playing with kittens and reading. Despite my best efforts, I still don’t seem to be finding enough time for everything that I want to do and part of that is because having a house requires a fair bit of work each week. I’m hoping that when the weather warms up and I’m not losing a day or more to shovelling each week that will change a bit.

And now I must get on with some real work. Yay.

PS. Written this morning and emailed to myself for later posting. We have discovered the major problem with the new office: no drinking water. Supposedly the water out of the taps is filtered and drinkable, but it’s looking rather brown and cloudy. Blech. There is no other source of water. This could become a major issue, I sense.

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