Trying not to whine (too much)

Written this morning and not posted until evening: It hasn’t snowed properly for over a week, so obviously we’re now due for a big storm *sigh* It’s one of those annoying ones that was predicted yesterday morning as light snow, maybe 2cm, and is now being predicted as nearly a foot of snow and then lots of ice pellets and rain on top to ensure that tomorrow’s commute is a complete nightmare. I predict lots of ice under everything tomorrow because it’s been so cold over the last month that the ground is frozen: rain and so on will freeze on contact.


My aunt stayed over last night so that she could be at the house to accept a delivery today. The good thing is that she packed some extra stuff so that she could stay over again tonight if necessary, which means that if the conditions are disgusting later then we don’t need to worry. I just need to worry about getting home from work safely! And if it’s that nasty tonight then I suspect that I’ll be working from home tomorrow, although I want the roads clear again by evening so that I can get to knit night.

Frustratingly, Saturday’s forecast has changed from clear and sunny to lots of snow and so the things that I’d planned for Saturday may not get done. Grrr. Still, at least I know today that it’s likely to be nasty on Saturday and can re-plan accordingly. Today’s nastiness didn’t even start to get mentioned until yesterday evening, which makes it very difficult to plan anything. I’m learning to check the forecast before I go anywhere, even if I last saw a forecast an hour ago, because conditions change so fast.

Am I starting to sound like I dislike snow? I think it’s the shovelling. Without that, I’d be loving the snow 🙂

Hopefully I’ll start to feel happier about snow in a couple of years when I’ve moved into an apartment or condo where someone else does all my shovelling. An indoor parking space of some kind has become a must-have in wherever I move to 🙂 I still maintain that I’m dealing better with the prolonged cold than with the snow, which I didn’t expect!

Additional: Kate has been watching me sorting out this post. She’d be more intimidating if she didn’t have hiccups right now 😉

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