Bad day

Today has been a bad day. I started out late to work (because I needed to shovel the drive) and it kept going downhill from there. Work was boring beyond belief and I worked through breaks and lunches to make up the time for being late because I planned to go to knitting tonight. I think that made the boringness even worse.

When I was finally released I drove home and discovered that the plough had finally been through and tried to clear my side of my road (it had made a pass up the other side during the night) which was good in some ways, except that it was still largely frozen snow and ice on the road because the plough had gone through after the temperature dropped. Even better, it had left a big bank of slushy icy stuff at the end of my drive that had frozen solid and my car couldn’t get through or over it.

So I had to get out and chip at it. For fifty minutes. Standing on sheet ice so that I wobbled every time I moved too fast and twisted my knee a dozen times trying to keep my balance. I finally got the drive cleared enough to get the car onto the driveway (phew!) and went into the house to discover that at some stage during the day my burglar alarm had gone off. There were frantic messages from my aunt to call her when I got in. The police had checked and the exterior was fine, I couldn’t see any sign of anyone having been in the house or even attempting to get in so I reset the alarm and contemplated some supper.

By this stage, I knew that I was going to be a bit late to knit night. Grrr.

Supper was a reheated tuna parcel with some peas (tasty, hot and quick) but as I ate I realised that the house was a bit chilly and getting chillier. I checked the thermometer when I was washing up my dishes and noticed that the temperature had gone down a degree since I got in, despite me turning the heat up to my usual “I’m home” temperature. Hmm.

It was then that it ocurred to me that I hadn’t hear d the furnace kick in at any stage since I got in, despite turning up thermostats. Worrying. My first thought was that perhaps the alarm went off because someone siphoned off my oil during the day. So I pulled on boots and coat, trudged round to the oil tank and checked the gauge, which  thankfully showed over three-quarters of a tank there. Comforting (because I’m not sure that the oil company could get to the house to deliver right now) but didn’t solve my non-function furnace. I thought about phoning the oil company but I hate calling someone out only to find out that there was a simple fix that I should have known about if I’d lived in Canada for more than a few months.

So I called my aunt again for some advice and she suggested pressing the re-set on the funace. Um, I have a reset? After a few minutes of searching and finally lying down on the floor to read labels, I found the rest button, pressed it and the furnace kicked into life. Hooray!

I was now very late for knitting but I really fel the need to get some time away from the house in the company of people chattering and gossiping, so I grabbed my stuff and toddled off. We’ve decided to hire a room down at the library to meet in, now that the group is big enough to make it financially viable, and I’d received advice on where to park. So went into the car park and found…er, no parking spaces. I tried up a couple of nearby roads. Nothing.

The first place that I could safely pull over was a Tim Hortons about 1km away so I pulled in, got out the  phone and called L to tell her that there was no way that I could come to knit night  because there was nowhere to park. If anyone can tell me of a secret parking location that I can try for the next time, that would be wonderful, otherwise I may not be attending knit night regularly anymore 😦

And so now I am home, having called my aunt (again) to vent about the epic crapness of today. I want to eat my weight in chocolate except that then I’d feel sick and guilty and even worse. I want to cry, because today has been depressingly awful except that my eyes are too dry to co-operate. I want to have a bath to ease my back off, except that I don’t have the energy to get into the drattedly awkward tub.

There is a part of me that knows absolutely that tomorrow will be better.  There is another part of me wondering whether some of my friends were right. Moving out on my own was a stupid idea – how the hell did I think that I would cope with everything involved? After all, I’m a cripple half the time and can’t be trusted to look after myself the rest of the time. I must be crazy to be doing this!

It will get better. This is a bad day and I haven’t had a huge number of these. In fact, it’s probably amazing how well many things have gone in this move. That doesn’t make the bad days any easier to cope with or make me stop doubting myself when I have them. I’m trying to think of things that I can do this evening to cheer myself up but I’m fresh out of ideas now.

Please, God, let tomorrow be a better day because I cannot do two days like this in a row.

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