I actually managed to leave the house and come into work today. Hooray!

Yesterday turned into a bit of a nightmare, but at least I eventually got myself free. My aunt called the Lion’s Club and they contacted one of their members who does local shovelling. He came out and got rid of the snow bank from the plough, levelled it all off so that I’d at least be able to get the car out if I could get it freed up. He couldn’t do the rest of the drive with his plough because the car was in the way. Darn. Learning for next time: get car into driveable state before guy turns up so that I can move it off the drive when he’s shifted the plough pile and he can plough out the whole drive.

Anyway, he did try to clear some of the snow but his shovel was making no impact at all. So I paid him and he left, promising that he’d be happy to come and plough me out whenever I needed it. At least I now know that there is someone here who comes out when he says that he will!

I was still left with a bit of an issue on the rest of the drive way so my aunt advised me to absolutley load the area down with salt and let it sit for a few hours. I salted the path and the area around the car really well (I’m pretty much out of salt now – must stop at the store on the way home) and went inside to get on with some work. I did attempt to get someone else out to have a go at the drive, but he never turned up 😦 Grrr.

Late afternoon, I went outside and chipped my way into the car. It started beautifully and I spent nearly an hour with it idling and me trying to chip off as much ice as I could so that it was safe to drive. Then I grabbed my shovel and cleared as much of my path as I could and as much of the area around the car as I could. I’m not massively happy with it, but at least now it’s safer than it was and I plan to load the area down with salt when I get some tonight.

It wasn’t a fun day and it took me over an hour in the bath, an extra dose of my anti-inflammatories and a good dose of co-codamol to calm my back down enough to sleep, but at least it’s over, I’m free and I now have a reliable plough guy in my contact list.

Just to add insult to injury (er, literally), despite falling over yesterday a couple of times I did not sprain or dislocate anything. And so I tripped on nothing this morning and subluxed my ankle. I tripped on nothing! I sat on the floor and cried for a while, then I grabbed my cane and hobbled into work.

Despite everything, I feel better about all of this than I did yesterday and I’m looking forward to going out to knitting tonight. After all, winter will end eventually and I now have a plough guy who will be helping me out of these messes in the future. Remind me of this when I start complaining about the heat in the summer, please?

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