How much do I love heating? Thiiiiiiiiiis much

My furnace has been repaired. Apparently whoever did the servicing in the summer didn’t do a great job of it because the filters were clogged, something fell apart when he touched it and it was a miracle that it had been going at all.


Very glad to have a working furnace heating my house again. Today, at least, the temps were just above zero so it could have been much worse. As it’s going down to 15C tonight, there was no way that I could be left without heating!

Unfortunately, that totally foxed all my plans for the day. I’d planned to go to church, pop to the library and then do some bits and bobs around the house before talking to the parents. Instead I curled up under blankets with tea, kitties and a book to wait for the furnace guy and then he took an hour to fix the furnace. So I’ve talked to the parents and made jelly. That’s the sum total of today’s activity.

I’m thinking about trying to start the story for a challenge that I entered. Not due until April but…it might be a good idea to at least get something on paper ๐Ÿ™‚

Is there anything I can bring from Canada for people who might actually see me while I’m over? Apart from snow boots and snow shovels – Mum already tried to persuade me to bring some and they just won’t fit in my luggage ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a whole thinky post about tomorrow being my six month emmigraversary. I’ll post it tomorrow because it will be more appropriate ๐Ÿ™‚

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