Being Human episode 1 (no spoilers)

I’m sorry, Internet I ignored you on Being Human. I assumed that it couldn’t possibly be good based on the premise. Werewolf, vampire and ghost as flatmates, hijinks ensue? Sounded like the recipe for a bad sitcom and thus I avoided it even when assured that it was good.

And then my sitcom averse father (I do not classify MASH as a sitcom, it is pure genius) raved about it to me yesterday so I tried it out. I thought “one episode can’t hurt me and it’s only an hour out of my life” and watched episode one.

Reader, I was wrong. This is brilliant. As far from bad sitcom as could be, pathos and humour and darkness and hurt all bundled up in one hour. They even used Johnny Cash instead of Coldplay in the closing scenes – how often do Brit dramas resist the lure of Coldplay?

I am a convert. Thank you, Dad.

In other news, Kate and Annie officially don’t fit on my lap when I’m at the computer. Kate tried to muscle in on Annie, but was unceremoniously booted onto the floor. Oh dear, my girls are so big!

Thankfully they still both fit on the recliner with me otherwise Kate would be very miffed.

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