I rule

Today I achieved many things:

– Washing. Three loads. All dry and either put away or put into ‘take to England’ pile.
– Dusted every flat surface in the house.
– Vacuumed every floor.
– Cleaned kitchen.
– Excavated kitchen island and it is huuuuge when not covered in paperwork.
– Washed kitchen floors.
– Talked to parents.
– Did not go crazy.

Things I did not do:

– Cleaned bathroom (to be done on Monday evening).
– Cleaned out cats’ litter tray (to be done on Tuesday after taking them to cat kennel).

See? See? I’m actually getting organised.

My list for tomorrow is as follows:

– Pack. Not just pile things vaguely and make lists, but pack to the point where I only need to sling PJs and a book into my carry-on case on Tuesday. That kind of packing.
– Transfer BSG to DVD for Father (may start that tonight).
– Burn DVDs of other stuff for Father.

Unless tomorrow is cruel and weird, I’m thinking that this is actually achievable. historyterry – I may only be on for a chat for a short time rather than a long chat if the packing is taking longer than estimated.

There was a moment this afternoon where I looked out of the window and saw snow racing by. I panicked, then remembered that I now have plough guy ready to go and stopped panicking. Two minutes later it stopped. I guess that was the flurry for today? So far, Tuesday still looks snow-free (good wishes for continued snow-free-ness appreciated) so my drive to the airport should be fine and my plane will take off. Thursday looks like a bitch, but I don’t care! I won’t be here! And plough guy will clear my drive!

Most importantly, I won’t be here!

I think that I really need this trip. Seriously.

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