Safely in England

I’m sitting on my parent’s sofa to type this, so I got here safely 🙂 Hooray!

The cats may never forgive me (Annie refused to look at me for the first five minutes after we got to the cattery, though Kate had settled well when I left) but the flight was smooth and I actually got some sleep. Well, it was that or watch the guy next to me get hideously drunk. Sleeping was safer. I also got the toe of a sock done in the terminal. Er, yes, I was at the airport ridiculously early.

This morning I re-discovered how much I hate Heathrow. I must have walked two miles to get to arrivals from my gate. Yuck!

Then there was the embarrassing moment when I attempted to use my debit card in Boots and discovered that I couldn’t remember how to use a chip and pin terminal. Ouch. I could remember my pin, but how to put the card in the reader? And then which buttons to press? So not happening. Sorted how and should continue remembering (I hope!). But I have two Wispa bars (mmm, Wispa), a power cord for my laptop so that I don’t need to run an adaptor and some passport photos for my police check next week.

I’ve emptied my case (I went crazy on sweaters and, er, I won’t need them here because it’s 10C out there!) and packed everything that I’ll need for Redemption into my little wheeled carry-on case. Seriously, how did I need so much stuff at other cons? Now I can go to bed and recover a bit before I catch my midday train to Coventry tomorrow. So excited! I haven’t been to a con since…Eastercon last year. Geek communitiy, how I have missed thee!

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