Convention: Day 1

Arrived in Coventry a couple of hours ago and I’m settled into my room with paranoidangel42. We have a slight problem in that they just (yesterday) replaced all the locks on the doors and the new keys don’t work very well, but it’s not completely insurmountable. We’ll just have to make sure that one of us stays sober to fiddle with the door lock for twenty minutes at the end of every day.

PA and I took a jaunt up to Warwick University campus so that she could visit her old haunts and we stopped at Tesco on the way back. Why didn’t anyone warn me that there are now tubs of Gu bite-size snacks?

Yeah, I did buy some.

Most importantly, I got a phone voucher so I finally have credit on my phone. Hoorary!

I spent half an hour trying to top-up my phone this morning (1p doesn’t even get you a text message) and almost missed my train because of it. So I’m glad that I finally got this to work. Texts ahoy!

I’ve started the arch increase on my convention sock and I’m actually quite liking the striping. It’s Trekking XXL and I liked the colours, but wasn’t too sure about it when I started knitting because there is rather more pink than expected. It’s definitely grown on me a lot.

There is free wireless Internet at this hotel so life is good. We’ll go to the early bird dinner in an hour or so and then probably get roped into helping with the set-up.

Panels don’t start till tomorrow and I want to go to the first one, New Who vs Old Who. Then I’m stewarding, taking a break, doing more stewarding and then eating supper. I have a steward’s meeting after supper then it’s the opening ceremony. I suspect the rest of the evening will be spent in the bar, with a break for a panel on the mythology of the Dalek-Gallifrey Time War.

Of course, as with all battle plans, this plan may not survive the first assault of saying “hey, this will be such a great panel/workshop/disco!”.

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