Convention: Day 2

So far, Redemption is brilliant fun 🙂 As I was here this morning, I volunteered to help sort out the charity bookstall which was a great time, mainly because of the girls that I was working with. Then I registered (so now I have a name badge, which makes life much easier), ate some lunch and went to the New Who versus Old Who panel.

Nobody died and nobody cried. I regard that as a success. It was one that made me think a bit more about why I love Doctor Who and what attracts me about each version as well as making me laugh. I did an hour’s stewarding duty in the vicinity of the reg desk, so basically helped to hand out badges and con packs (the packs that I helped to stuff last night, in fact) and made sure that no one went into the Ceilidh workshop without a badge.

I’m back on duty in half an hour defending the second floor from invaders of the mundane kind. That’s actually easier than it normally is because we have the entire hotel, every room, so mundanes on the second floor are *really* not supposed to be there. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been to a con without mundanes and I find that I miss the wide-eye gawping, although I am enjoying the idea that stewarding might be slightly smoother without drunk business guys trying to gate-crash parties.

Just the atmosphere and the friendliness here is wonderful. Every time I come to a con, it’s like taking a nice break and a chance to re-charge amongst people who really get it. Then I can re-emerge into the real world with the energy to deal with it again.

In knitting news, I am almost ready to turn the heel of my con sock. I have the feeling that the first one might get finished tomorrow. So it’s possible that I might have an entire pair ready by Monday!

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