Convention: The Aftermath

I am writing this on the train with the intention of posting when I get Internet access. But right now I need to do things to keep myself awake so that I get off the train at the correct station. Hence a blog post and then possibly some knitting. Definitely no book, absolutely no “just closing my eyes” for two seconds.

Why is this?

Because I didn’t go to bed until well after 5am last night and I had to be up this morning to pack, shower and check out. Urk. I’d say that it seemed like a good idea last night, but we all knew it was a bad idea and still couldn’t quite make ourselves get up and move.

The Dead Dog party has also been called Dargo’s Wake in the past so you can get a flavour of what it is. It’s the dedicated few trying to extend the con for as long as possible, denying the return to the real world until the last possible moment. People gradually fall by the wayside, succumbing to beds and the desire to be awake enough to drive, until we reach the last man standing stage. Sadly, gaspodex still won that honour. As I didn’t have to drive today for once (oh, I love that) I figured that I’d stay up for just a while because I was still awake.


The people at the table I started on gradually gave in, gmul and paranoidangel42 giving in some time between 1am and 2am, then Eddie giving in a little later. At that stage we merged with the table next door, which provided a boost of energy for me so that I could natter books, cons, Eastercon, Doctor Who and fannishness with kilbswhitecrow for a long while until he gave in. Finally it was the few, the brave, the insane: robshearman, calapine, 36, beccaelizabeth and the lone non-Who fan who’s name I never quite caught. We kept proposing that we should go to bed, but then someone would mention something Who-ish or regale a story that triggered five other stories and it never quite happened until reality started dissolving around us and we had to declare defeat to Gaspode.

I’ve just added it up. I spent nine hours in the bar last night and didn’t notice the time go. Nine hours. Wow. This is why I adore conventions.

I vowed at the start of the weekend that I wouldn’t be back for Redemption ’11. I can’t justify travelling 3,000 miles just for a convention. That’s insane. I really should combine it with a proper England visit, but that uses up all my vacation allowance and I want to explore my new home a bit. And yet I’m now considering taking a week to come over here for Redemption ’11 despite it being an insane idea.

It’s just that I talked someone into doing a “role playing for absolute beginners” workshop and I want to go to it. Judith asked me to do a sock workshop for Odysssy, which I can’t do (although with the number of people who showed me their work over the weekend, I’m sure she can find a couple of willing victims to run it), but I’d love to do it for Redemption. Someone else asked about a knitting for beginners workshop to compliment it and I love that idea. There are some wonderful fannish patterns out there for people to aspire to and some of them would make great first time projects. Harry Potter scarves anyone? We even tossed around the idea of a stash swap and dedicated knitting area for people to hang out in and find experts for advice. Steve tried to sign me up for a Highlander panel, which would be great fun. I know there was at least one other panel proposed that I’d love to do. And Redemption is an amazing con to steward. Oh, dear, I’m talking myself into this, aren’t I?

Well, I’ve got two years to work out the logistics and persuade myself that I can justify it. This has been an absolutely brilliant convention. Thank you to everyone who’s hard work made it possible, to the guests for being super (I love guests who are also fans) and most importantly to all the wonderful fans that I met for the first time and the old friends that I got to visit with for making Redemption what it is. I hope to be back in two years time! (There, I said it)

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