A week in the life of a holiday

*shuffles feet sheepishly*

Well, it’s not quite a week but near enough 🙂

Tuesday I was mostly recovering from Redemption. It needed a lot of recovery.

Wednesday was my day in London with Mum and sis. I’m proud of us: we made it through four yarn stores and only came out with the things that we intended to buy. There was much tea consumed, sandwiches at lunch and some excellent Thai food in the evening. gmul met us at Loop and found us a lovely venue for tea and cakes before we poddled off for a look through All the Fun of the Fair, Liberty and John Lewis. I bought the new Rowan magazine (seriously beautiful patterns), some Rowan Cocoon in brilliant emerald green for a hat and some Fine Milk Cotton for a lacy sweater from the magazine. I’m looking forward to casting on for something for myself when I get back that’s larger than a pair of socks.

The socks, BTW, are doing very well and I just need to do the leg on the second one. So I should have a new pair of socks by the time I get home. Yay!

Thursday was my day in London with L (from my old work place). The plan was to meet in Waterstones Piccadilly, mooch around a bit, make a trip to Bravissimo for some scaffolding to wear under my bridesmaid dress and then meet up with some more ex-colleagues for drinks in the evening. The slight kink in the plans was the nasty stomach bug that I developed Wednesday night, which required frequent bathroom breaks during the day and the inability to consume food. Or really keep anything including water down if I’m totally honest. I persevered and had a lovely day, although I freely admit to being a complete idiot because I should have spent the day in bed with a handy catching bowl. Oops.

Friday was spent recovering from the bug. I managed to keep toast down by the evening so went out to my uncle’s for the evening, which was great fun. He has a gathering of friends for discussion and music every Friday and it’s great fun to try to fix the world with them.

Yesterday I went into my local town for lunch with The Girls (minus one). We had tapas at La Tasca, which was lovely when we finally got our food but did involve some issues with actually getting food. But the staff were quick to offer complimentary desserts (which we couldn’t take because car park tickets were running out) and then deduct 50% from our bill instead. So I’d go back despite the mix-ups. Then it was home to watch the rugby (oh, England, you’re still *boring* and that’s worse than losing!) and spend the evening with my family. My sister is home for the weekend, which is lovely.

Today my mum’s brother, sister-in-law and niece came over for lunch and it was lovely. I love them to bits and it seems like me moving out has made them suddenly notice that I’m an adult. I don’t know how to explain it, but in with the joking and teasing there was more respect for my abilities and competence than there was six months ago and I really appreciated it.

They left a little while ago and now I’m just spending some time with Mum, Da and my sis. My time back here has reminded me that I miss very little about England itself, but I do miss the people I left here. I’ve had a really busy two weeks (some might call it insane) and I’m looking forward to having a rest when I go home, but I wouldn’t have done it differently. Although I might try to have a bit more quiet friends/family time at Christmas with a bit less rushing around! It’s a funny feeling to realise that while I remember this place being home, it doesn’t quite feel like home any more. As much as I’ve loved being here for a visit, there’s a part of me that’s also looking forward to being home with my familiar things and bed and cats. In that sense, I think this visit has been good for me because it’s made me happier about my life back there.

My only big concern is whether the weather will be OK for Tuesday! A big snowfall is not going to make it easy to get back from the airport and pick up the cats, both of which are slightly essential to Tuesday’s plans. I’d like to get some milk, bread and fresh veg from the store if poss but I won’t die without those. It will be considerably more problematic if I can’t drive anywhere and I’m stuck at the airport…

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