Home from vacation

I’m sitting in my kitchen feeling very slightly disconcerted. I got home from work nearly an hour ago, the recycling has been put out, a cup of tea is beside me and I’ve spoken to my aunt yet it’s only 5.30pm and the sun hasn’t even begun to set yet.


Obviously I’d been a little lax about this ‘getting home at a sensible time’ thing before I went on holiday because I’m not used to having this sense of tons of time in the evening. Or possibly it’s because I usually have several chores to do when I get in and today I have none. Whatever. It’s quite a nice feeling to have sometimes.

Obviously I got home safely, although sadly I was felled by the return of the stomach bug on Monday (that didn’t really go away over the weekend if I’m honest) and thus the end of my vacation wasn’t quite as planned. It also made my flight yesterday a little less fun and I was so tired (lack of food more than anything else, I suspect) that I was in bed by 7.30pm last night. Thankfully I’m feeling better today, tired and wobbly but better in myself anyway.

The thing that I’m realising is how nice it is to sit in this kitchen in the evening when the sun is still up. I’m looking out at the ocean from where I am, enjoying how beautiful everything is. There are only a few traces of snow in the yards now and it feels like Spring may just be around the corner. It’s reinforcing that the things I miss about England are people rather than things, because I couldn’t swap this view for anything.

I do miss my parents and sister right now, but thankfully not much more than before I left and I know that will settle back in a few days. If I could have Canada with my parents and sister living right here then it would be perfect. It’s not going to happen, I know, but it would be lovely. At least I’ll get Canada with my parents living here in a couple of years.

The cats have mostly forgiven me for leaving them and I’m looking forward to getting settled into my life again. Tonight I plan to do a bit of writing, have some supper and then watch some TV (Holby City and ER, I think) before having another early night. Tomorrow is knit night and it’s the birthday of a good friend there, so it won’t be an early one I suspect! Then it will be Friday and my weekend, hoorah! I need to get to the farmers’ market on Saturday. The green veg in the store was dreadful (I’ve resorted to broccoli again as the only halfway decent veg) and I have no eggs. Then I need to stop into the library and Bulk Barn because I have an overdue book and I’m almost out of pasta. My aunt is staying over on Saturday night so I’ll be going through my recipe books to figure out something yummy to feed her.

Yeah, I think things are going to be OK. And the ocean really is beautiful.

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