So it’s not spring yet, then?

Yesterday was a gorgeous, beautiful day. It was warm and sunny, everything was melting and it felt like spring was on its way. My snow banks by the drive were almost gone by evening! The entire neighbourhood suddenly revealed its (rather brown) grassy lawns and there were people out everywhere enjoying the day.

I took the ferry over the harbour to the farmer’s market and had a lovely morning. I’ve got lovely veggies that were much nicer than the crap in superstore and eggs in manageable quantities. After that I nipped into the library where the librarian told me that from the end of the month all DVDs will be 7 day loan rather than 3, making it much more likely that I’ll be able to borrow DVDs from the library. Hooray! Then it was back to pick up the car and pop into the store and bulk barn for the rest of my groceries.

Sounds kind of boring on paper, but it was a lovely day and I just enjoyed the release from winter.

That’s why looking out at snow this morning was a wee bit disheartening. Gah. I am assured that it will clear off by late afternoon and possibly turn to rain, but I’m still looking at snow again. As the forecasters didn’t know this was coming – even last night! – I’m not sure that I trust their opinions on what it will do. Hey, ho, at least it’s starting to look like spring sometimes anyway.

I had my aunt over for supper last night and she stayed over, which was lovely. Didn’t cook anything fancy (hamburger rice – simple, cheap, tasty) but I did maker her butterscotch Angel Delight with crushed Flake for dessert. Yummy 🙂 We got to talk to my Mum last night as well because it was her birthday. That was really lovely.

The clocks have gone forward last night so for three weeks I’ll only be 3 hours different to England rather than 4. That should make coordinating phone calls a little easier!

In knitting news, I finished my second convention sock! Something slightly odd happened when I was knitting the leg and I can only assume that I wasn’t counting rows accurately. I ended up taking it back several rows to match the first and my ten rows of ribbing look slightly wider than the first one as well. They look fine on the foot, though, and I assume that is my error somewhere 🙂

With those off the needles and a break from my sister’s blanket, I’ve cast on two other things. The first is a really simple stocking stitch hat in bright emerald Rowan Cocoon (80% merino, 20% kid mohair so it’s super soft) that was going to be a knit night project but will probably be finished by Thursday because it’s so easy and quick. I love the pattern.

The second is my first knitted lace project. I cast on Friday initially, did an inch and a half and realised that I’d messed up the pattern somewhere so I bound off and put it aside. The pattern is called Daisy Meadow Shawl and I did enough to see the principle of how the daisies are formed. Today I cast on again and seemed to get a more even tension, which is good. I did make a small mistake and ended up with an extra stitch, but I was able to tink back to the error and correct it. I’ve done an inch and a half and it looks really pretty. As I’m starting at the point, I suspect that length-wise progress will get slower as I go but at least I’m getting somewhere with it now.

OMG, I’m knitting lace!

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