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In knitting news, the hat that was going to be my knit night project was far quicker to knit that anticipated. So quick that I finished it (and seamed it) last night. Oops. It’s beautiful, though, and only took one skein of yarn instead of the two specified in the pattern so I now have a skein of Rowan Cocoon in Emerald to play with. It’s going to be debuted at knit night, I feel.

I have now cast on the tension swatch for the tunic that I’ve been planning to make in Rowan Cashcotton (yes, I love Rowan, shut up). I’ve had the yarn since last summer, but other projects have always been getting in the way. It’s a pretty pink, not my usual choice, and I’m quite excited to see how it knits up because this will be the first garment beyond socks and hats that I’ve made for myself.

Yes, I am having a selfish knitting phase. I feel that I deserve it.

The tunic is very simple (apart from the final edging where I pick up a bazillion stitches and we know how I feel about picking up stitches) being basically “Moss stitch for xcm” for a lot of it so it should be a good knit night project. Mindless knitting, always good when you’re likely to get caught up in the gossip.

The lace is going somewhat slower because I don’t dare knit it anywhere except my bedroom with the door firmly closed on the cats. And no TV. This definitely limits the times when I knit at it. I’ve finished the first chart and done 2 rows of the second chart (well, 4 if you include the knit rows) but it’s going to get slower as I go because each row makes it a bit wider. Still, I haven’t made any mistakes yet and that counts for something. The wedding is still three months away, so I’m feeling cautiously optomistic about it.

In fannish stuff, I am three episodes behind in BSG so I feel the need for a marathon at some stage. But I am also very tired and BSG requires concentration. I suspect that the tiredness is due to the nasty bug that I had a week ago – this thing seems to leave everyone with post-viral ick for a while and I’ve always been good for getting post-viral ick. I continue to enjoy Law and Order: UK, House continues to be excellent and tonight I have a CSI:NY/Holby City double bill planned after I Skype the parents.

Oh, yes, and I’ve also got my latest challenge story to 7,000 words. Despite all that TV, I’m actually being productive. Go me!

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