Book stash

This evening I decided that it would be a good idea to enter all the books sitting on my coffee table into LibraryThing. These are all the books that have entered this house on or since Christmas Day and I’ve been looking at the piles feeling slightly worried for a while.

Er, it turns out that there 23 books there. 23.

While a few (er, maybe six) were Christmas presents, that means the rest have been acquired with the spending of my own money. Bad ArcheryGirl.

In my defence, more than half the rest of the books were second hand including two Abbey Girls books and an Antonia Forest, all picked up in England. There were also assorted Enid Blytons, Trebizons and a lovely old CS Lewis that fits with the set that I’ve been collecting.

Er, yes, there were three duplicates in there. That will teach me to go to bookshops without my lists! I think that I’ll list those on BookMooch. As one is a Trebizon and the other a Naughtiest Girl, I’m fairly sure they’ll go quickly.

Looking at the number of books that I’ve acquired in a little under three months is terrifying and I’ve made a resolution. No more new books until May. I must read things from the to be read pile (currently 141 books without adding in the non-fiction) or borrow from the library. Nope, not even second hand. If anyone spots me attempting to buy books they must sit on me firmly. I can go six weeks without buying new book, surely?

If anyone wants to see the insanity that is my current library, it is here.

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