Snow bad, knitting pretty

Despite being after March 21st now, the sky had the audacity to produce sufficient white stuff overnight that I had to shovel this morning.

Shovel. In late March. Blech. I would have left it to melt as the temps are going up a lot later this week, but the plough kindly dumped a mass of frozen yuck at the end of the drive that my car couldn’t climb and the snow had drifted a foot high around my car, leaving the rest of the drive largely naked. It’s out to get me. Grr.

Still, I was only fifteen minutes late to work and I would have been on time if there hadn’t been a car broken down on the highway. I feel good about that.

Last night I had a lace-knitting nightmare. Took me an hour to do four rows and I’ve still got a mistake that I need to find tonight before going on. I think that I’m starting to get lost in yarn overs. Anyone got good suggestions for how not to do this? I’m either ending up with one too many stitches (implying that I’ve not knitted together sufficient stitches) or on the current row one too few stitches (implying that I’ve missed a yarn over), yet when I take it back and re-knit I always end up with the same number of stitches. I suspect that it’s time to break out the stitch markers.

This time I’m cheating, though. I’m missing a knit 2 together and hoping that I don’t make any more mistakes to upset the pattern. I now see why so many people struggle with lace.

The tunic that I’m knitting is so far going very well, largely because it’s 63cm of moss stitch to the arm holes. Hard to mess up moss stitch, really. But I’ve got sock itch. I keep remembering that I’ve not made my Crazy Monkeys yet and I have lovely, amazingly soft Knit Picks yarn in the stash that I want to feel on my feet. Damn the sock addiction. It doesn’t help that the convention socks (mmm, Trekking…) are incredibly soft after two washes and a little lighter (thus more wearable when it’s not 20 below) than my first socks so now I want more soft, knitted loveliness decorating my feet.

I’m waiting for a colleague to do a Tim’s run and bring me my medium double cream. The caffeine is needed. Been a very busy morning.

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