Did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me?

My body has been so well behaved these last few months that I’d almost forgotten what it could do.


My back isn’t actually excruciating yet, but I can feel pressure, inflammation and discomfort there. It’s not pleasant and it’s promising to get worse. Put together with pain in hips and knees, and the pain that’s just starting to run up and down my legs probably from the inflammation flare-up in the back, and today is going to be miserable.

And it’s only 6.30am. Anyone want to shoot me now?

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  1. Patricia Pugsley
    Mar 26, 2009 @ 19:39:42

    I am SO glad I found you. I have hypermobility disorder, kitties, and am an IT Specialist with the US Dept of State.

    You are so lucky your mom supports you. My mom is still looking for a reason why it’s my fault. My dad doesn’t understand the disorder, since he doesn’t have it and has decided I’m mentally ill. Last summer, he got up in church and told everyone that I’m disturbed, gave out my home and email address, and asked all to “pray for me”. I’m still getting postcards from the edge.

    As a child, I received orthotics, and they didn’t help me. Neither did punishment or ridicule.

    Hypermobility is not well understood in the US. Neither is the related chronic pain or fatigue.


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