OK, now I’m annoyed

So yesterday I felt achy and ick when I got up, my back was grumbling and I wasn’t happy.

The slight twinging in my upper back, just under the left shoulder blade, didn’t seem that important.

Things seemed to settle as the day went on and I got cocky enough to think that I’d make it to my knitting group. Then I got into the car to drive home and realised that those twinges were actually a bit more painful than that, particularly when I tried to turn my head. But I was still going out to knit.

I sat down and worked out my shopping list and next week’s menu plan, sort of vaguely thinking that my back was starting to hurt a bit, and then set about making supper.

As an aside, I’ve worked out why my carbonara was not good the last time I made it. I forgot the salt and pepper, my parmesan wasn’t fresh enough and there wasn’t enough of it. Fixed all of that last night and made a gorgeous carbonara.

Anyway, the twinges got worse as I pottered around cooking and continued getting worse while I was eating. It was a struggle to lift the kettle and I barely managed to get the pasta drained into a colander without an accident. By the time I’d cleared the dishes away I could barely stand up straight, so I thought I’d take a ten minute lie-down before going to knitting and it would be all better.

OK, I admit that I was stupid.

When I tried to sit up again, it took me twenty minutes. At that stage I called my aunt to alert her that I may need to go to the doctor’s tomorrow and I’d definitely need a lift. My aunt is lovely and came straight over with Flexeril to dose me up and help me out. She fed the cats and cleaned their tray (because I was definitely not getting that done), made me a hot water bottle and generally sorted me out a bit.

The heat helped a bit, but I don’t think the Flexeril was very helpful. I still took a second dose before trying to go to sleep. It took me a long time to get myself into bed and I didn’t sleep well, oddly enough!

This morning it hadn’t resolved itself. I think that it’s just a trapped nerve, but my doctor doesn’t have any appointments available and I don’t think it’s enough of an emergency to warrant going to a walk-in clinic. It’s definitely not an ER visit thing. I called work first thing to let them know there was a problem, but by the time I got myself up, showered and dressed I figured that I was upright enough to do some work from home. I was only an hour and a half late starting, after all.

My boss is trying to tell me that I need to stop working and look after my back. It’s just a trapped nerve! I’ll see how I go. I’m fairly sure that it’s my shoulder blade that has shifted and trapped something so hopefully it will shift back fairly soon and release. It usually does when I do this to my neck.

Now, if I could just learn to breathe without moving my rib cage or anything other part of my upper torso that would be fabulous.

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