Unexpected good mood and menu dilemma

Today I am in an unexpectedly good mood. I say this because my shoulder was bothering me all night so I didn’t sleep well and my pain levels are up.

Yet despite this, I feel really very happy and bright today 🙂 In fact, I felt so good this morning that I absolutely had to play ‘The Proclaimers’ on my iPod (love having an iPod jack in the car *g*) on the way to work and findng my first non-weather-related traffic jam in four months couldn’t dent the mood. I have no idea where it’s coming from, but I’m going to enjoy my good mood and take advantage of all the energy and happiness today.

I’ve been considering supper on Saturday. This is the day that I invite my aunt over for our weekly food and gossip session and I like to do stuff that’s a little bit more creative than what I’d cook during the week. I’ve found a really quite amazing-sounding stuffed mushroom recipe here: http://foodiefarmgirl.blogspot.com/2008/04/how-to-cook-lamb-easy-ground-lamb-feta.html

I’ve also been planning to try Ginger Beef with Brocolli in my slowcooker for around two weeks – I even have the beef in my freezer.

I’m torn because they both sound fantastic, they’re both new recipes and I think my aunt would really enjoy both. So the big question is, which do I do? Because I can always do the other one the following week…

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