Holby City, Girl Guide cookies and sock woes

Oh, Holby City, you are cruel. You give me characters that I hate and would be happy to see killed in a horrible manner and then you give me an episode filled with tension and pathos and humanity that persuades me not to hate those characters. How are you so awesome one week and so terrible other weeks?

Why did you have to make me feel sympathy for Jac, of all people? One day I shall escape your clutches, you just see if I don’t.

That day is not today 🙂

After having such a bouncy, happy mood yesterday I am now in a less happy, more irritable mood. I suspect that we are in the midst of hormone central and this is why my mood is rather inclinded to, er, swing right now.


There are cases of Girl Guide cookies around the office and I am try to restrain myself from buying $20 worth (because I have no change) and instead getting my $20 broken and just buying one box. I have such fond memories of the mint ones from fall. These ones aren’t mint, but they must be good if so many people buy them. Right?

I hadn’t realised how much I like baked potatoes until I had my first in six months last night. For years I’ve claimed to dislike potatoes, but I suspect that it’s more about having them with every meal and finding them boring due to over exposure. The baked potato last night? Smelled amazing even before I added the sour cream. I suspect that baked potato will be entering my menu regularly, but not so regularly that I get back to disliking them.

I have a big knitting disappointment to relate. At the weekend I cast on for a sock so that I’d have something small and transportable to do on buses and ferries. And possibly restaurants 🙂 It’s a toe up version of the Monkey sock, which is a lacy sock that suits handpainted yarns very well and I happen to have a lovely skein in my stash that needs using. The pattern suggested doing increases by putting the bar between two stitches onto the left needle and knitting it. Very simple, but the problem is that this method also leaves a lovely big hole at every increase.

Not such a great look.

I persisted, assuming there was a good reason, and I’ve now finished the toe and done the first repeat of the lace pattern (which I love).

The increases have got to go. The toe is ugly and the shaping is dreadful. Nope, I cannot continue with this sock as it is because I’ll end up with a sock that I hate because the toe is ugly and holey. So at lunch today I’m going to frog the whole thing and cast on again, this time using my usual increases because the resulting toe is so much nicer.

At least I’m doing this before I get too far into the sock, right?

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