Sleep now?

I picked up a copy of the season opener for Lewis and watched it last night. It’s really quite good, isn’t it? Why did no one tell me that it’s quite good?

Also, House was rather awesome πŸ™‚

Note to self: substituting a fair bit of the cheddar for stilton in cauliflower cheese is a very good idea. Nom. However, about half the quantity of cauliflower cheese would have been better. How did it multiply? I’m sure I used the same quantities of everything that I normally do, and yet I had about double the normal amount. It was quite excellent but, er, rather more filling than it should have been and I’m not sure how good re-heated cauliflower cheese would have been.

Also, please to be remembering that preparing food with sore shoulder is not easy.

Tonight’s veggie curry has been replaced with beef stroganoff because I had some in the freezer and thus it simply requires reheating, a spoonful of sour cream added and some noodles cooked. Yes, lazy, but I’m not feeling like spending time cooking today πŸ™‚

And now I’m going to whine for a while…

Right now I’m completely exhausted because my shoulder is seriously disrupting any attemps to sleep at night. I did manage an hour alseep in my recliner last night because cuddling sleeping kittens is a very good sedative, but there seems to be no position that I can lie that doesn’t make my shoulder hurt quite a lot. When I do manage to find a semi-comfy position and doze for a while, I then move and wake myself up because the shoulder stiffens so much and becomes rather painful indeed to move.

I’m seeing the doc on Thursday. She’ll probably send me straight to my rheumy, but I’m hoping that she’ll give me something to get through the bad nights until then. Bleh.

Still, I got myself to work today which is an improvement. I have a microwavable heat pack, I’ve got my exercise bands so that I can nip down to the ‘wellness room’ a couple of times to do physio exercises and I have painkillers that do nothing buy psychologically make me feel like I’m trying something. Hopefully I can get through to 4pm, go home and collapse in the recliner. If Kate wants to have a cuddle and go to sleep (thereby inducing me to go to sleep), that would be lovely πŸ™‚

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