So, about that shoulder

Saw my GP today about my stupid shoulder. She thinks that I dislocated the scapula both times (I was right!) and is sending me for an X-ray to see whether there is anything going on there. We’ll see where we go from there – she wanted to investigate properly before referring me anywhere to get a clear picture of what’s happening first. The X-ray will get sent on to Dr. O the rheumy as well to keep her in the loop.

I’m starting to feel better about Dr. M.

The pain on breathing had her concerned due so she listened to my chest and then needed reassurance that my heart is fine and the last echo proved it despite my murmur. She concurs with me that the pain is coming from muscle damage due to the dislocations.

The nice part was that she remembered that I have EDS and felt that investigations were still definitely needed. Also she respected that I know what I’m talking about when I say the pain was pretty darned bad. Er, I forgot to get anything for the pain but then I do feel weird about about asking for ‘just in case’ meds. She even asked me what I normally do for dislocations and trusted me that this was not a regular shoulder dislocation. Hooray!

So, overall it was a positive visit and I’ll be going over to the hospital shortly to queue for my X-ray. Then we’ll see what we want to do. It’s possible that I’ll be getting an early appointment with Dr. O although Dr. M was also discussing getting me an assessment with sports medicine to see whether there’s anything they can do to strengthen that shoulder. Bridges to cross later and all that.

Hey, ho, it’s off to the hospital for me. My first X-ray of the year – I made it all the way to April this time!

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