Doctor Who: Plant of the Dead reviewed

I am calmer now, and I’ve slept, so I can be a little more coherent in my reaction than I would have been last night 🙂

Therefore I have put the actual review behind a cut just in case anyone stumbles across this by accident and doesn’t want to know because they haven’t watched it yet.

So far, I’ve mostly stayed away from other reaction posts until I can get my thoughts down without other peoples’ opinions colouring them. Overall I really enjoyed this special 🙂 It was a fun romp with lots of adventure, nothing too heavy and some lovely nods to previous canon. I spotted references to Robot and Midnight – anyone spot any others?

Lady Christina was a fun companion and it was nice to see Michelle Ryan playing her with such relish. There wasn’t much of deep substance to her, but then there doesn’t need to be with a character like that. A part of me was quite entertained by the possibilities of her as a permanent companion but I also understand why she didn’t stick around. The Doctor is back to thinking that he’s best off alone, isn’t he?

I was a little bit pleased to see that he’s still missing Donna. I’m going to hell for loving someone’s misery, aren’t I?

Nathan and Barclay are lovely and I want to see them in UNIT, yes I do. Also, I loved Captain Magambo (sp?). They can’t promote her directly to Brigadier, can they? Because she was so Brig-ish and wonderful. I loved the fangirling of the Doctor and the fact that she could put that aside when she needed to save the Earth.

Malcolm, I think, was possibly the weak link. He was a little too cliche geek fanboy, if that makes any sense. I didn’t hate him, but I’d be quite content if they avoided using him again. Sorry, Lee Evans.

The bit that made me squee and get totally excited unfortunately wasn’t the insect aliens or the metal-toting locusts. Nope, although they were cool particularly the fact that it was their natural life-cycle and the Doctor just decided to keep them away from inhabited planets rather than destroying them.

No, it was Carmen’s prophesy that really had me. I slightly (OK, majorly) loved it and I’m looking forward to all the speculation. The months and months of dissection and agonising and meta that those sentences are giving us. We know why his song is ending – well, anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last six months should – but the rest of it?

What darkness? Where? Who will knock four times? Is it the Master? Davros? Something else?

Is Gallifrey returning? Is RTD handing Moffat a really huge change to play with?

It’s going to be so much fun! It’s one of the things that I love about being a Doctor Who fan, those little hints (OK, big stonking ones) that give us stuff to discuss and speculate about for months.

Now, as for the trailer…

OK, this one looks proper scary. I’m expecting total genius and hoping for scary on the level of Empty Child or Midnight. Er, perhaps not quite Empty Child level because it’s RTD rather than Moffat writing, but still. If it lives up to that trailer than it’s going to be epic.

Best part? Cloister Bell.

It’s going to have to be proper world-ending scary with a side-order of yikes because the Cloister Bell is, well, the Cloister Bell. RTD has managed to resist the temptation to use it except in dire, world-ending emergencies so if he’s using it for this episode? Stuff is going to Happen.

I am starting to honestly believe that the final scenes of the next special will be the regeneration, or possibly the trigger of the regeneration, because otherwise there is no good reason for the Cloister Bell goodness. And that will mean the Christmas two-parter will have potential of epic awesomeness.

Also, I am a eternal optimist 🙂

To conclude, I love Doctor Who and I am so glad that I’m a Doctor Who fan. Can it be the next special now? Please?

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  1. Sam The Dog
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 16:49:34

    For some reason this episode left me a bit cold. I really felt like it could have been normal length, but the Xmas specials have set the precedent, so we get an hour. Much as many people dislike the “epic” stories at least time doesn’t drag in them.

    And enough kissing!!!!!!


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