Need coffee

I can already tell that today is going to be a ‘special’ day. How?

Er, I forgot to have any coffee this morning. And I left part of a glass of milk on the counter. Annie will be in heaven.

Also, I spent ages searching the house for a stamp because I remember buying some the last time I had to send a letter and I knew that I couldn’t have used all 12 up already. Found them eventually, but…

My plan yesterday evening was to watch CSI:NY and Robin Hood. Er, I fell asleep half way through CSI. By the time I woke up, I decided that it was too late to attemp to watch RH so went to bed a bit early. I read for a bit (thoroughly enjoying Desolation Island) and then realised that I was struggling so turned out the light and slept through to my alarm.

This morning I’m still feeing tired and groggy, I have a headache (not entirely due to lack of caffeine, I fear) and my glands are up. My suspicion is that this is my usual reaction to being inexplicably tired rather than me coming down with something – I hope! I just wish that I knew why I’m so exhausted this week, particularly as I had a fairly restful weekend and haven’t had any unusually late nights.

Biggest disappointment of the evening was that I only got one round worked on my sock. Damn! I really want that sock finished because I’m totally buzzed about getting to wear them. Also, Internet here is slow today and I’ve not got much on my plate to work on. It’s gonna be a slow day, I fear.

I really need to think of good things to cheer myself up with 🙂

Ooh, I know, it’s knit night tonight. That always cheers me up!

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