Robin Hood and other babbles

Somehow last night’s genius plan to have an early night last night after all the rushing around didn’t work as intended. I took my sleepy tea, watched a bit of TV and went to bed. The sleepy tea did it’s thing but for some reason I fought it so that I could read and when I finally turned out the light, I was no longer sleepy.

Note to self: do better tonight.

Peking Pork Bites were a big success and I am glad that I had some on Saturday night because they were all gone by the time I got to the table at the pot luck. They were so amazing that I shall be treating myself to the rest on Sunday and crowing happily about having them all for me, me, me.

Why do I suspect that Sunday is not going to work out like that? Perhaps it is experience. My plans never work out as I hope, particularly when they involve me getting to eat delicious food in peace.

There were other things that I was going to say, but they have departed. Like the wind. Or something.

As for this week’s Robin Hood…

It was better than last week, but that doesn’t say much. The Guy-shaped hole is still obvious despite this week’s villain being rather mad and vengeful.

Kate continues to grow in awesomeness and I may be falling in love. But someone, please do something about her hair. For the love of god.

Much was also awesome and is totally getting his heart trampled on.

I am very happy that Kate is not being paired off with Robin as a Marion-lite and the Kate/Allan thing is rather fun and bitchy. More please 🙂 But if you could hold off with the on-screen and give us big UST for the entire season, that would be lovely.

The best bit was the trailer for next week because we get Guy back. W00t! Someone needs to tell him that froofy spaniel hair is wrong, wrong, wrong but otherwise I’m so completely happy to have Guy back particularly if he’s going to be angry and vengeful and terrorise Vasey totally. That would work for me.

Lastly, please could we stop with the hero-worshipping of Tuck. Please.

And very, very lastly I was so pleased to see John a nice little moment with Kate that remembered and acknowledged his family. Awww.

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