Knitting and other babbles

Last night, for the first time since I came up with the recipe, I managed to mess up my hamburger rice dish. It was a rookie mistake, too. Too much corn starch to thicken the gravy and I knew that it would do that as it went in. Damn! Managed to fish out the most glutinous bits, added a bit more water and got something of a reasonable consistency but it was still not impressive. And it had been smelling so good, too!

Ah, well, this is why cooking for one is good. You can make these mistakes and not inflict them on others. Tonight it’s a baked potato, sour cream and veggies so not much can go wrong with that. Right?

In knitting news, I decided to sit at the dining room table to work on the lace shawl yesterday evening. Usually I sit on my bed with the door firmly closed on cats, but there is only so long that I can sit Indian-style before my hip locks and I need to be able to see the pattern which restricts the positions that I can use. So I experimented with the dining table. When the cats finally went to sleep, it worked beautifully 🙂 Unfortunately I made a mistake on one row that had to be repaired (I’m blaming the fact that I had to shoo a cat in the middle) but otherwise I ploughed through all bar 1 row of chart 4. Looking at the finished picture, it appears that I’m half way through the shawl now. Woo!

The bad thing is that this has taken six weeks and the wedding is only six weeks away. Ah. I was hoping to get it done with more of a comfort margin for blocking and panicking.

I’m planning a really lazy day on Saturday so perhaps I can use some knitting time to get a bit further. This is a project that gets put aside for a fortnight at a time and then worked on madly, so if I get a bit more dedicated then I should still have it done it time. Also, I’ll have lunch times with no knitting/crocheting friend next week so I could bring the thing in and get a bit of work done on it during my lunches as well. I’m definitely going to need to reserve myself some uninterrupted sessions to get some reasonable progress.

In other knitting things, I am halfway up the leg of my second Monkey sock so it looks like I’ll have those done this week. Woo! I love this pattern to bits so I’m definitely making it again. The only mod I’ll make is to change the heel, but everything else about it is perfect.

My tunic progresses slowly. I’m 10cm from the armholes on the front. Hmm. I need to get more serious about it after the sock is done. Although first I’m going to do the last two patches of my sister’s blanket and get those sent off. If I can get some solid work done on the tunic, it could be finished by the end of June. Then I get to start my pretty lacey Iris top.

And perhaps cast on for another pair of socks. I love pretty lacey socks, it seems 🙂

You know what would be a pefect holiday? A holiday filled with knitting and only projects that I adore!

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