Lazy plans and socks

I have Plans for Saturday. To be precise, my plans for Saturday involve doing very little other than some laundry and cleaning the cat litter tray. I shall be turning off my alarm and sleeping until I wake up naturally, because I need to catch up on my sleep before I fall over.

At some stage, I hope to be able to sit outside under a blanket with my iPod and some knitting for a while.

I am going to resist the temptation to cook or bake. Instead I shall be feeding my aunt skillet shrimp if she comes over for supper or, if she has to stay home and pack, I will be feeding myself on Chinese food from the local store. Minimal cooking required, although option two will require a quick trip out to acquire said Chinese food.

Hopefully I shall find the time to curl up with a book and possibly finish Desolation Island. Anyone have a suggestion from my to be read pile as to what I should read next?:

Doesn’t this day sound lazy and indulgent? When is the spanner turning up to ruin the plans?

Next weekend is going to be busy like woah so I need the decompression and sleep catch-up time. My aunt is moving next weekend and I’m going to be helping out as much as I can, although we’re also running our big month end jobs over that weekend so I’ll have to pop back to the house periodically to log into the work servers and check how things are going. Busy. Definitely. Hopefully by Saturday evening everything will be stacked in her new apartment and we’ll be eating takeout on the floor.

In sock news, somehow I did a ton of work on my sock last night (the cats were too busy playing to interfere with knitting) and now I’m half way through the ribbing on the cuff. It might take me half an hour to finish them off and weave in the ends, so they’ll be debut-ing tomorrow 🙂 Yay! Then it’s back to my sister’s blanket to knit the final two patches before getting some serious time in with my tunic. But I shall sortly have socks and they are gorgeous.

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