Knitting, work stress and the weekend

Last night at knit night I finally reached the neck on my tunic. That means I just need to do the shaping and bind off – yay! Then I do the front, which is the same as the back. But I’m halfway there, anyway. I’ve got a hairdresser’s appointment with some dying involved tonight, so I figure that I can get that much done at least. This week I’d intended to make progress on my shawl during my lunch hours, as my lunch companion is on holiday, but for various reasons that’s just not happened. Damn. I got a bit done on Tuesday, but Wednesday I had to have a quick lunch due to a staff meeting and I worked through yesterday’s. As I have to go to the pharmacy at lunch today, I suspect that no shawl will be done again. Possibly if the hairdresser’s isn’t too crazy I could get a row or two done. Maybe.

Work has been a long, stressful week. I suspect that a lot of this is that I’m finally starting to care about the impact my work has on the systems and the company, not just about how good my work is. If that makes any sense. So I’m putting a ton of pressure on myself and there was a lot that needed to be done this week and that always results in stress. I’ve still got a lot to do today but at least I have a time limit on how late I can stay tonight. Plus, it’s Friday. Thank goodness.

This weekend is my aunt’s big move to the apartment. I suspect that I’m not going to be doing much other than move boxes all weekend. In the rain. Yay.

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