Star Trek thoughts (probably spoilerish)

I’m cutting with a Read More tag so that those who haven’t seen the movie and follow this blog don’t get inadvertantly spoiled 🙂

So far, I’ve largely only seen positive reviews of the movie and it’s been filled with squee and flail and happiness.

Um, I might also be avoiding the obviously negative, overly-picky reviews out there. Bad AG.

Anyway, the one thing that I have seen is some comments on Uhura, specifically disappoint in her role and her relationship with Spock. It’s been frustrating me a bit because I was actually really pleased with what they did for her and look forward to where they take the character next. Her competance – genius, possibly – were on full display and everything she did was by choice and continued to show her strength as a woman. Plus, people have pointed me at clips from Charlie X that definitely hint the Spock/Uhura didn’t come totally out of left-field.

I’ve not really been able to articulate my thoughts properly, but luckily taraljc has managed to explain it much better than me:

Read her thoughts and picture me saying ‘Word’ to everything.

In non spoiler-ish thoughts, marthawells has been discussing Star Trek novelisations and I’m contemplating a trip to my second hand bookstore to see whether I can pick up any of the recommended tomes. I’m thinking the Diane Duane novels and Uhura’s Song will be top of my “ooh, I hope they have that” list.

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