Day trip fun

Today I decided to haul my aunt along on a bit of a road trip. It’s quite horrifying to think about how long it’s been since I went beyond the city limits – when did I become such a home bod?

The plan was to do my chores, pick up my aunt and get to Mahone Bay around noon. This sort of worked (except for the detour where we drove for 30km before noticing that we’d missed the exit for the 103 and then had to drive 30km back to it) so we reached Mahone Bay around 1pm. Lunch time!

We briefly considered the Cheesecake Gallery for lunch, but nothing on the menu grabbed us so we decided to reserve them for dessert and retreat to our old favourite, The Biscuit Eater Cafe and Bookseller. My aunt had a turkey, cranberry and goats cheese sandwich that I know from experience is always excellent. I was going to go for that, but then someone walked past with a bowl of chilli and I made a last minute change. It was gorgeous, although my favourite bit may possibly have been the buttermilk biscuit that came with it because that was fabulous. Their debit machine was acting up so I had to pay cash, which was actually good because I had enough for lunch but not enough for books and I’m trying to keep my book habit sensible even though I’m no longer officially dieting.

I did pick up a couple of chocolate espresso shortcakes to take home because they are mind-blowingly good 🙂

Then it was off to the main reason for the trip: Have a Yarn! Here I was very good and bought what I intended without being tempted into extras, although I did feel up a lot of fabulous yarn. They have some new stuff in that I must investigate at some stage: 100% machine washable mini alpaca in fabulous colours that is amazingly soft and would be wonderful for baby knits. Hmm, who do I know who is having a baby in the next few months…


All that beautiful yarn worked up a dessert appetite so we popped into the Cheesecake Gallery for some lovely chocolate cheesecake. It was a baked cheesecake (love), chocolatey without being too sweet and just the right texture. Heaven on a plate.

My aunt then picked up some tea at the Tea Brewery (lemon rush roibus is so good) and we had to pop into a jewellery store that had a beautiful pearl necklace. I’ve bought a gorgeous thing that will hopefully look great with the bridesmaid dress next month: grey and dark pearls, none of them worth much because they are totally imperfect but they’re so pretty and put together so nicely. Now I just need shoes!

Then it was back home where I dropped my aunt off and, er, stopped into the second hand bookshop. Somehow one book multiplied into five. Oops.

But I do have a copy of Spock’s World now! And another Diane Duane! And a Lois McMaster Bujold!

I figure that I can Bookmooch any that I don’t want to keep because tie-ins are rarely (for me) things that I enjoy so much that I want to keep them to re-read. We’ll see how I do.

And now I’m quite tired and ready for a quiet evening with the my knitting and Ashes to Ashes. It was a good day.

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