Well, that’s just gaaaaah

This morning I started out tired, grouchy and achy. I seriously contemplated just staying in bed for a while, but forced myself up and out.

You can imagine how impressed I was to discover that parking barriers have been added to my work car park and the design is so good that everyone has to get out of their cars to swipe their cards. Gah! I cannot get my car close enough to have any hope of reaching it, nor can anyone else, and I can already tell that this is going to be miserable in the rain or, even better, in the winter with snow and ice everywhere. The traffic jams at busy times will be awesome.

I swear to god, I shall deliberatly fall and dislocate something if the barriers haven’t been changed by winter, just to prove what a stupid idea the design is.

Anyway, I was so pissed off that I sent a note to the director of corporate affairs who had the misfortune to have sent an email about our beautiful new parking barriers last night. Nothing will come of it, but I have to try…

Yesterday I got a headset for my phone. The OT has gone a little overboard in sending me equipment – I get perhaps two phone calls a week. Yes, I do tuck the phone between shoulder and ear so that I can type and talk, but for one or two calls a week? Anyway, I’m quite excited and just waiting for someone to phone me so that I can use it. Come on phone, ring!

Today another new piece of equipment arrived. It was a little less successful. The basic idea is genius: a wrist rest that incorporates a roller bar and buttons to act as a mouse. Genius! My arms need never twist in awkward directions to get to my mouse again! Er, except that I can’t have both it and my keyboard on my keyboard tray at once. It’s going to go back and they’ll get me a trackball instead. I need something because my keyboard tray does not make mouse usage easy, but as brilliant as this contraption is (and it really is brilliant, I must say) it’s not quite practical with the keyboard tray that the OT requested.

Still, it’s quite nice that her recommendations are being followed up. Wonder when my new chair will get here?

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