Ooh, decisions

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on my tunic, and it isn’t from the train 🙂 Only three more inches of moss stitch and then I do the shoulder shaping and bind off. Then it’s some garter edging, seaming and a ribbed belt. This is one of the exciting bits in knitting: the bit where I’m nearly there and I have all this new energy for the project because I can see the goal-post getting closer by the moment. In fact, there is good reason to think that I could have a cute new tunic to wear within the next couple of weeks. Yay!

The lace shawl is also getting there: 12 rows (four of them plain knit) and then bind off and block. It should be comfortably ready for it’s intended recipient.

And then, for the first time in a long time, there will be no WIPs. I am ignoring the second sock syndrome on my Fountain Foxgloves. They will get finished (one day).

So I’ll have to make a decision: what to cast on next?]

I have a skein of Ranco Multy that had been bought with the intention of socks but the Ravelry comments makes me leary of that idea. But I have seen a nice, simple lacy stole that would be perfectn and I don’t mind having to be careful in my washing of a lacy stole.

I want to knit up my KnitPicks Felici into a pair of amazingly soft socks.

There is my sister’s replacement cardigan in DK Rowan Cashsoft. I love the yarn and the pattern was a simple, fun knit.

I want to make my Trillium in Rowan Fine Milk Cotton, which will be pretty but has a lacy body so may be a little complex for TV knitting. I’d need to have a second, simple project on the go for knit night and relaxing TV nights during those sections.

Where to start?

I think that the socks and the stole will be next, due to the immediate gratification side of a simple, fast knit. The cardigan and the sweater are bigger projects and not so transportable. Either the socks or the stole will be going to Denver with me.

The big debate is whether I get my sister’s cardigan out of the way first, leaving me free to knit selfishly for the rest of the year, or gratify my want for a pretty summery sweater and still have my sister’s cardigan hanging over me. Hmmm….

Maybe I’ll defer that decision until I actually get to it!

In other news, I am shattered beyond belief and being woken up by Kate in the middle of the night scratching at my door didn’t improve matters. I’ve got a round-trip of 200km tomorrow evening to attend a graduation ceremony so I suspect that a lot of coffee will need to be consumed during the journey. Unless I can bribe my aunt to drive!

The facilities guy came around and got my fancy new mouse/wrist-rest thingy to fit onto my keyboard tray (turns out the wrist-rest on the tray is detachable with a screwdriver) so I’m now test driving it. So far, I’m favourable impressed particularly as it puts the cursor controls right where my hands fall naturally on the keyboard. I’ll try to sneak the camera in for a photo soon 🙂

Spoke to Best Friend in America and she’ll be picking me up from the airport in Denver – phew! So that makes things a little easier, especially as I just realised that I have her address at her old apartment but not her new one. Must rectify that! She sounds a little frazzled about all the wedding plans – it’s turned into a full-time job now, apparently – which is why a weekend in Belize with no ability to call or email anyone is apparently exactly what she needs! I suspect that when she gets back on Sunday, she’ll be even more frazzled.

I’m really looking forward to seeing her and being there on the biggest day of her life.

Other than that, I am quite boring and looking forward to catching up on my sleep at the weekend. I’ve got a few small bits to do, but mostly the weekend will be about recuperating.

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