I’m seeing this Doctor Who-ish thing around

Annie woke me up by clawing the door again last night. Not impressed. At least I’ve worked out who it is now: she did it while I was doing my physio in my room yesterday afternoon and I opened the door just to see. And then I continued to ignore it once I knew which bad cat was doing it. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it – anyone have any suggestions if this behaviour continues? Right now I’m ignoring and hoping that she’ll stop when she realises that it’s not getting her anywhere.

Anyway, I’m completely shattered. To the extent where I felt sick when I realised that my bread rolls were soggy and had to ditch them, necessitating crackers for lunch rather than egg salad rolls. My back is also very unhappy with me, which I think is due to the exhaustion. For the first time in nearly a year, I’m actively contemplating buying some caffeine tablets. I need to do something to stay awake during my drive tonight!

This afternoon/evening I’m driving my aunt up to her son’s graduation, 100km away. It’s the first time any of her children have graduated from something (he’s graduating college with a diploma in social work) so this is a huge deal for her. I’m just looking forward to seeing my cousin in his silly hat and robes 🙂 Must remember to pick up some spare batteries for the camera.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Annie can trying to dig her way to Australia for all I care, I am not getting up until I’m good and ready. So there.

And now onto Doctor Who spoilers…

Looks like we have a new companion: Karen Gillan.

I need to re-watch Fires of Pompeii to remember who she is. So far, no particular opinion apart from “Er, she’s rather young” which was the same response that I had to Matt Smith. On it’s own, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. What will determine whether this is a good choice is what kind of character Stephen Moffat writes for her, what the other writers do with her and how she fits with Matt Smith. None of that is stuff we can predict yet so it’s hard to say anything positive or negative.

Except that I’m getting impatient for next spring so I can actually watch it, darn it!

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