I have a migraine. There’s been a thunking headache for the last three days (tiredness, I suspect) so I toddled off to church as normal thinking it would just stay as a headache and started to feel nauseous during the sermon. Taken Migraleve (I’ll need to get Mum to bring some over in the summer) but lying down hasn’t helped.

So I did the neck/shoulder shaping on one side of the tunic to relax me a bit. Now I’m in the main house with all the (screened) windows open and the screen door adding to the breeze. Nausea is, at least, starting to recede and the headache is down to thunking rather than blinding.

The cats are thoroughly excited and can’t quite decide which window is best, so they’re running from window to window 🙂 It’s quite sweet. They run away from open doors (the outside might get them!) but they love open windows. Thank goodness for screens here.

Anyway, after a miserable foggy day yesterday the sun is out and there’s just enough of a breeze to keep it nice. If I were feeling better, this would be an afternoon to blow off everything and go to the beach. Bright sunlight isn’t my friend right now, though 😦

Perhaps I’ll go to the beach after work this week?

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