Knitting and other news

I’ve finished my lace shawl! Hooray! Bound off last night using a nice, stretchy K2tog bind off that was new to me but worked a treat for this project 🙂 I need to block it, so that’s a nice evening project later this week, but it’s done with more than a week to spare and no mad knitting sessions required.

For the interested, I’ll take before, during and after shots of the blocking process.

In other news, I’m becoming increasingly bemused by the expences row. Jaquie Smith (sp?) is now stepping down? And the Chancellor is ruined, according to one news source? Seriously?

Um. I am boggling.

Canadian politics is largely boring, but at least we don’t have the rest of the world boggling about arguments over comparitively small amounts of fudging the books compared to other countries where politicians make off with millions. Hey, ho.

I am currently reading a biography of Roger Mortimer. Leaving aside the fact that Alison Weir provides the front-cover blurb and is coincidentally mentioned on page three (historians incestuous? Never!) it’s very interesting. I suspect that there is a certain amount of bias going on, but so far he’s not actually the monster that history paints him. He apparently loves his wife (well, they had 12 surviving children and she travelled with him more than many medieval wives), he’s actually a good military commander and so far he’s stayed sensibly out of most of the politics and squabbling surrounding Edward II.

I’m interested to see how all of this changed later because so far he’s coming across as one of the more decent, sensible people in a terrible, chaotic time. And, um, Edward II still comes across as a total louse and possibly the worst king England has ever had. I’m not sure that anyone can redeem him.

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