Unix script help needed

I have hit a brick wall and any help that can be offered would be gratefully appreciated. My Google-fu isn’t up to the task, we have no reference books on Unix scripting here (“here’s a card with basic Unix commands – have fun!”), my local library has no books on Unix scripting and I haven’t got five days for Canada Post to lose deliver an Amazon order of books for me.

I’m attempting to loop through some files in a directory, count the number of files that contain a particular word sequence and put that count into a file that I can then email. All the filenames that I am searching begin with ‘O’. So far, if I cd to the directory and put this into the command line it works:

print cat O* | grep -c 'XXXX_PROD' >> test.log

My log file correct shows a count of 2.

When I do the same thing in my script and run it, I get big fat zeros in my report 😦

print $PWD >> $REP
print "Count of XXXX_PROD jobs run (test only):" >> $REP
print cat O* | grep -c 'XXXX_PROD' >> $REP

According to my log, I’ve cd’d to the correct directory. I’ve tried using $LOGDIR1/O* with no luck.

Can anyone point me to some resources that might help? If it helps, I would appear to be using the Korn shell in this installation of Unix. The mere fact that I’ve had to write “appear to be using” should tell you how much I actually know about Unix 😦

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