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The good news: Mum arrived safely last night and, when I left for work this morning, she was happily planning how to rearrange my kitchen cupboards.

The bad: Due to a combination of the heat and stupidly reading Rowan 46 before I went to bed, I didn’t so much sleep as doze in ten minute increments. Thus this morning I’m shattered and my IBS has been upset, so that I can’t keep food in my stomach, I’m feeling icky and feverish and my anti-spasmodics are refusing to stop the cramping. Yes, I am sure that it’s IBS rather than a bug.

So, although I’ve been at work for over an hour, I’ve only actually been at my desk for fifteen minutes. Today is going to be a loooong day.

Still, Mum and I have some fun stuff planned for the weekend and the weather promises to be a little less stifling tonight so hopefully I’ll get some sleep.

When I saw the previews for the Rowan magazine, I wasn’t that impressed. But then I looked through it at my LYS on Saturday and I’ve already spotted at least 4 things that I’d love to make. Shockingly, they aren’t in fingering weight wool. Gasp! One of them is even in Cocoon, which is slightly heavier than aran but not actually chunky. Er, that’s because this is the autumn/winter magazine and while I still definitely prefer my tiny yarn, some of the designs that I’m lusting after would be beautifully snuggly for the cold weather.

Now I should really go and do some work. Is it time to go home yet?

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