Kitty antics

In less grumpy, whiny news…

Last night, the cats decided to show off just how crazy they can be for Mum. At first it was just Kate, wandering around look at the ceiling, jumping onto counters and uttering pathetic little meows.

Eventually Mum and I worked out that there was a bug up there, tormenting her by being up there rather than within pawsreach for Kate to catch and play with. Or possibly eat.

She spent a fair bit of the evening perched on the back of my sofa, shouting at the bug.

Eventually Annie decided to see what the fuss was about. Annie loves playing with bugs. And eating them.

She joined Kate on the back of the sofa, looking up at the bug that was on the ceiling (probably waving its pincers and blowing rasberries) and chittering in her funny, talking to the bug way.

They finally gave up on the bug when we turned off the lights and went to bed, rendering the living room too dark to see the bug even with kitty vision. Poor kitties. The bug was totally unco-operative.

I can’t believe that they’re a year old now!

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