A post of many things

After 3 months of fog, apparently summer has decided to appear. The temps are in the high twenties with humidex taking it to the low thirties at the shore (where my house is). The humidex even two kilometers inland is taking it to the high thirties.

Yes, this does feel a wee bit extreme.

Still, I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have my house where it is because it’s noticably cooler here than it is in the city. Walking out of the office is like walking into a furnace and my aunt is suffering badly.

The forecaster is promising that things will cool down a bit by the weekend. I’m praying that this is so. The forecaster this morning also said that Hurricane Bill is heading our way, will hopefully veer off to sea before it hits us but will be bringing high winds and heavy rain for the beginning of the week. Better get everything tied down outside over the weekend, then.

The heat has slowed my knitting progress. Yes, even cotton isn’t *that* nice when the temps in the house are high twenties. Fear not! I have nearly finished the shaping on the second sleeve of my sweater so I should bind that off today. Then I can start swatching for some socks and doing the seaming for the sweater. I just have to pick my times to knit and admit defeat when it all gets too warm.

The weekend was largely about “OMG, too hot!”, Mum and I did go out on Saturday for various shopping chores, which was lovely while we were in the mall and horrible the moment we stepped out. We did have to make a detour to Chapters for books and drinks – strawberry banana smoothie turns out to be delish. I finally got myself a Chinese cookbook filled with lots of gorgeous repices of varying degrees of simplicity/difficulty and absolutely not a celebrity one filled with complicated recipes that I can’t get ingredients for. So that’s quite yayful. There’s even a receipe for peking duck…

Last night I tried out a new recipe: oven-baked mushroom risotto. It turned out really well and is definitely going into the making-again list. Portobello mushrooms, bacon, parmesan cheese, tarragon…mmmmm….

Also over the weekend I grilled steaks on the BBQ and didn’t burn them too badly. Woo! Mum is being quite complimentary about my culinary efforts.

Our new front-loading washing machine arrived on Friday and we’ve been stupidly excited about this. It’s so easy! It’s so automatic! It’s got so many controls! It’s so quick to put the washing on! Yeah, we’re crazy.

This coming weekend I’m hoping to go away with my knitting crew, but this is dependant on the weather. If it’s still miserably hot then we may cancel – lots of people plus 4 babies in one small cottage with 30+ temps would not be fun. We’re playing it by ear.

Over this weekend I managed to get two books of my to be read pile. I was feeling really pleased until I realised that I hadn’t catalogued the two Enid Blyton Adventure books that Mum found and brought me. Darn. They’re gorgeous, though, lovely old hardcovers with original text and illustrations. I’m thinking that rather than trying to beat my unread pile down to a tiny number, I’m better off trying to read at least as many as come in. So two out, two in kind of deal rather than fifteen out, none in. It’s the only way to stop beating myself up about my book habit!

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