This is going to be fun

So, hello there Hurricane Bill. You’re going to be fun, I can tell.

I was planning a night away this weekend with my knitting crew. Lots of knitters, a few babies, food and yarn in a cottage on the shore. As Hurricane Bill will be arriving on Sunday and the heavy (100+mm!) rain will be starting by daybreak, we’ve decided to postpone. None of us want to be trying to drive home through a hurricane.

OMG, my first hurricane!

As of this morning, the eye will pass around 150km south of me. Yesterday it was supposed to make landfall right on top of me. Nope, they really can’t be sure where it’s going except that it’s going to be making a big dent in the Maritimes. They’re saying category 1, possibly category 2 when it gets here and definite hurricane force winds.

Tonight I’m stocking up on water, batteries and easy to prepare food. The government has told us to prepare for 72 hours without power, just in case, and the water will be undrinkable after the first few hours. I’ve got a Coleman stove with a spare gas bottle, so we’ll be fine for cooking, and we can always fire up the BBQ and eat through the meat in the freezer if we have to.

Mum and I went around the yard yesterday putting away anything that could be picked up by the wind. We have tons of duct tape. The cats have a couple of weeks worth of food. I’m going to pick up some cash while I’m out tomorrow, because after Juan people discovered that with no cash machines or debit machines they couldn’t pay for things even when a few stores finally did find a way to open without power.

Please let this be media hype? Juan was our fifty year storm and that was only a few years ago!

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