I aten’t dead

After all the reports, forecasts and huge amounts of preperation, Hurricane Bill turned out to be, er, not nearly as bad as everyone thought it would be. Ah, well.

In fact, Hannah was scarier last year.

I had one brief power flicker, but otherwise everything was stable. The rain started early in the morning, with the wind picking up gradually as the morning went on. The worst of it was around midday and, even though it was ‘just’ a tropical storm, I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be driving in it. That didn’t stop some people being idiots and the police had to close the roads leading to some of the most dangerous parts of the shore-line due to idiots. I mean, if there are boulders being flung across the road then it’s probably a bit too rough for people to be sight-seeing, OK?

As I understand, three (idiots) got swept away in one place but they weren’t hurt.

My neighbourhood came through unscathed, not even a shingle down. Mum and I went for a walk late in the afternoon to stretch the legs. It was still really blowy (bracing against the wind at times level of blowy) but the fresh air was very welcome and the ocean was spectacular.

In fact, the biggest problem was Kate. She hates storms and required extensive cuddling (so she could hide her head under my arms) when the storm was at its height. Poor baby. Annie was so relaxed that she slept through the whole thing.

The up side to the storm was that I got to finish knitting a sock. Yay socks! The down side was that work didn’t get cancelled because the power stayed on and the office wasn’t damaged. Boo.

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