About the posts that have suddenly appeared…

As an explanation for why a month’s worth of posts that have suddenly appeared…

I run two blogs: this one and a very fannish one. This one has some of the same content, but a lot of the more fannish posts aren’t copied over because I know that it’s not something that the readers of this blog are very interested in. It’s also because I try to keep my fannish life and my real life seperate, fearing the end of the universe should the two collide.

The fannish blog was my first blog and it’s the one that I tend to update first. For the last month, I’ve been very lazy and haven’t cross-posted even though I’ve had lots of stuff to say about hurricanes, knitting, cooking and Mum’s visit. So today I finally got off my behind and copied all the stuff over, back-dating it to when I originally posted it and praying that nobody screams at me for the metric ton of stuff that’s about to hit their RSS feeds 🙂

The other thing that I’ve been very remiss at is the pictures of finished knitted objects. Two pairs of socks, a hat and two sweaters have come off my needles and haven’t been blogged at all. Right now I’m working on some socks in a pattern that I love and some yarn that I am fondly disliking (oh, so orange it’s not even funny) that will be a birthday present for a friend. Those socks won’t appear on the Web until after his birthday, but everything else needs blogging.

I suspect that I’ll be doing my own copy of those socks at some stage, in a slightly less virulent colour.

I’m also starting to consider my winter knitting. I’m definitely doing Tubey in Rowan Cashsoft Aran, probably in a gorgeous teal colour unless I get swayed by the aubergine. I’ve fallen in love with a cap-sleeved top/sweater thing in the new Rowan magazine done in Cocoon. It would be perfect over a shirt or a long-sleeved T-shirt and fabulously warm. My plan is to see whether I can get any Cocoon in the John Lewis Boxing Day sale before I look at sourcing from websites.

Today I saw a pattern for raglan sleeve, yoke necked sweater with owls on the yoke done by stitch pattern rather than colour work. It’s adorable and looks great in all the finished projects on Ravelry and I think that I’m in love. I’ll need to think carefully about the yarn for that, although I’m drawn to Malabrigo Chunky because it’s Mal and I could get some great colours.

First, though, I’m knitting my sister a cardigan to replace her Christmas present that was stolen a few weeks after she got it. Hopefully it will be ready when she comes to visit in October and it will give me a few weeks to get the yarn for Tubey.

Wow, I’m a knitting geek 🙂

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